Tuesday, June 30, 2015

fun in the sun...

the girls are turning into shriveled prunes... every day they spend hours in the water... that's summer! My parents bought a pool and the girls are just loving it! us too! It's just the perfect solution to 90 degree weather! It's the only way to cool off... that and popsicles! If we aren't swimming at Uma & Umpa's house you can find us in the neighborhood pool or at the beach! The hardest part of summer so far has been finding a dry bikini... ha!
I love to lounge on that chair while the girls giggle until they pee! it's fantastic! :-) 
How are you enjoying your summertime? 
Here's to green summer hair!


Sarasota Wedding Photographer -Ashley & Brett

This was an adorable couple! always laughing, smiling, just super cute bunches of happy moments! Gosh, the way they look at each other I couldn't help but think just how much fun they will have in the years to come! We loved shooting their wedding... we got to know them at their engagement session and I knew we would be in for it! They are really THAT FUN! Their beautiful family and friends all smiling at them and totally coming together! gosh, I do love my job!!!




Thursday, June 18, 2015

a little afternoon Tea House with my girl...

I don't think I have ever been so happy and so welcoming to summer as I have this summer...
There has been this need this force of needing to be with my girls... they are growing fast... like really fast and yes, I do enjoy every second and find myself constantly trying to be present and I do love that I do that... but just before the end of school I seriously felt my mind frizzel! like static. I think we all did...
The pressure of it all weighed like a pile of bricks and finally the end of May came and it was time to hang up the backpacks and switch out lace up shoes with flip flops... a pile of flip flops by our door... from havaianas to old navy... I love the dripping wet bathing suits hung in the shower too...
it's here, summer time! at last!

This week Cecilia had a play date with a friend from class so Isabelle and I had a little mamma and daughter time... I think since I was little I have wanted a daughter to go have a coffee with or a little tea... let's start with tea... and on a summer day in Florida we go with iced tea! I remember watching the Gilmore Girls and they would have lattes together and talk about life... I know we are not at the latte stage yet but for a start a little 9 year old tea time with mom was just fantastic!
I could tell she was having the best time as well... 
This little Tea House is a gem of a place!
We played Chutes and Ladders on a fancy tea table and sipped coconut and forest berry tea for hours... we rearranged pillows at least twice so that our bums could be cozy and put napkins on our cold feet that were barefoot... because at the Tea House on the fancy tea table no shoes are aloud! 
we talked about life, about the world, about friends, about summer plans... 
I didn't want our tea party to end.....

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