Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sarasota Wedding Photographer -Courtney & Mark!!!

ahhhh so much funnnnn!!! We had such a great evening with Courtney & Mark for their fun Engagement session!!! They are huge "How I Met your Mother" tv show fans... so you can see a little of that fun flair! ha! but truly... they are such a beautiful couple... so in love... so sweet to each other... made me so happy! 
Can't wait for their St. Martha's/ Selby Botanical Gardens wedding this Spring!!!



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sarasota Wedding Photographer -Molly & Skylar

We had so much fun doing Molly & Skylar's engagement session!!! They are sooooo so cute!!! It's actually a small world really... When I was growing up out in the country Skylar was just a little tike as well as Molly! They grew up together in the same neighborhood... I remember baby Skylar a few doors down and now... He's getting married! Blows my mind! 
I just love their fishing them... with a retro flair! love the old vintage tackle box! and how cute is the lure that says "hooked" from Etsy, of course! So happy with how these pics came out! such a beautiful couple! Can't wait for their wedding day!



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sarasota Family Photographer -Siebold-Johnson Family

oh such a brave amazing family I am lucky to photograph every year or so... I think of this family each day of my life... I have so much hope for them and love for them... They are full of so much love! They live life fully! completely! watching this mama crouch down and tickle her girls is magic... bliss! They get it... how lucky we all are... 
Sweet Teeja is a warrior princess! she fights battles each day of her life! She has Neuroblastoma. She has been through more in her young age then most of us ever will have gone through! She is strong! She is happy! She is the sweetest thing and gives such sweet soft hugs! When you are with her you want to just take her illness away for good and throw it into a big pit and light it on fire! I wish I could help her more... I wish I had a magic wand to get rid of this terrible cancer!
She is doing awesome now and getting the treatment she needs! She is a rockstar!!! Her little sis is just a little ham too!
September is Childhood Cancer month... I never knew much about it before Teeja... Before I thought oh it must never happen any more... But I was wrong... Families are affected ever day by this terrible disease called cancer... It's painful! It's not fair! 
To honor these warrior families this month I ask everyone to wear some gold! Gold is the new pink for Childhood Cancer Month! Paint your toes gold! Paint a gold heart on your hand! wear a sparkly gold tank! 
I love you sweet family!

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